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Deer Dress/Jumper, Pants, & Doll Dress Set

Deer Dress/Jumper, Pants, & Doll Dress Set

  • $ 6995

Beautifully handmade set that is totally versatile. It's a sundress, a jumper, ruffled pants, pants set, and even has a matching 18" doll dress/jumper to match. Dress size is adaptable, too. The straps can be shortened or lengthened by tightening or letting out the back tie. The longer length of the dress/jumper will give your child years of wear before they outgrow it. The pants have elastic waist for added comfort. The pants can also become ruffled capris as they get taller.  The fabric selection is amazing; has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The best part about this outfit is the craftsmanship.  It's totally handmade with French seams so it is almost as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. You'll LOVE this!!!

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